Welcome to SIICA Group

SIICA Group "Soluciones de IngenierĂ­a y Calidad Ambiental, S.A. de C.V." "Engineering Solutions and Environmental Quality, S.A. de C.V." (For its initials in Spanish) is an Organization conceived in the 70's and have been founded in 1990.

SIICA Group is a Mexican enterprise of qualified professionals, with experience in over 450 Mexican enterprises from which we have consulted in every one legal disposition in topics of Industrial Safety and Hygiene, Ecology and Quality.

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Ethic values

Acknowledging as a transcendental value the work, SIICA promote Life Care, Health and Integrity of workers, as well as their facilities and the Environment in order to raise the productivity and the well-being of the Company teaching them the practice of Theological, Moral & Human Virtues.