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Testing Laboratory - Stationary Sources

The SIICA Testing Laboratory is accredited at the EMA (Mexican Accreditation Entity, A.C.) in the field of Stationary Sources.

Noise measurement of stationary source. NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994
Measurement of O2 and CO by electrochemical cell. EPA 3A
Carbon monoxide measuring for stationary sources by electrochemical cell. EPA 10
Measurement of Nitrogen Oxides by chemiluminescence. EPA 7E
Determination of sulfur dioxide in gases flowing through a conduit. Wet titarion. NMX-AA-55-1979
Determination of the particles contained emissions in the flowing gases through a conduit. Isokinetic Method. Gravimetric method particles. NMX-AA-010-SCFI-2001
Determination of gas flow through a duct Pitot tube. NMX-AA-009-1193-SCFI
Determination of smoke density in the combustion gases flowing through a conduit. Number of stain method. NMX-AA-114-1991
Determination of the moisture content in the gases flowing through a conduit. Gravimetric Method. NMX-AA-054-1978
Determination of Sulfur Dioxide, Sulfur trioxide and sulfuric acid mists in the gases flowing through a conduit. Wet Path Method. Degree. NMX-AA-056-1980
Determination of suspended particles concentration in the atmosphere and the procedure for the calibration of equipment for air particles measurement. Gravimetric Method. NOM-035-SEMARNAT-1993